Asphalt Green instructor Abby Kaufmann is making yoga accessible for all fitness levels, right from the comfort of your home. This class uses a chair for support in some poses, but is not a traditional “chair yoga” class; movements will begin seated followed by a series of standing poses. This routine gently wakes up muscles and is ideal for increasing mobility and blood flow for those who find themselves sedentary during the day. 

Yoga blanket or towel are optional. 

Before you begin: 

  • Make sure your space is clear of clutter. 
  • Set your chair on a stable surfacce before you start class. 
  • Listen to Abby closely for safe cuing and try to follow her pace.  
  • If you need a break, stop, sit, and come back when you are ready. 
  • Do not overstrain; if anything does not feel good, either modify or rest in a comfortable pose. 
  • Take water breaks as needed. 
  • Focus on your breath throughout the routine. 
  • Pay attention to posture – connect your mind to the movement. 
  • Enjoy your practice.