Unzip your jackets and dust off your sneakers, spring is here! Your fitness plan may have fallen by the wayside during the chilly winter months, so now is the time to spring clean your fitness routine. With a little bit of planning and some help from our personal trainers, you’ll be ready for shorts season in no time.     

Set goals. Whether your motivation is to slim down for a wedding or have more energy to run around with your kids, setting a goal will keep you on track. Make sure your goal is specific. Instead of simply saying “I want to lose weight,” state how you will get there. “I want to lose weight by working with a personal trainer two times per week, completing two cardio sessions on my own and cooking five meals per week at home.”

Eat right. Better health starts in the kitchen. You won’t get very far in reaching your goals by scarfing down french fries after every workout session. Plan your meals ahead of time to avoid the temptation, and keep a healthy snack on hand, like a banana or a granola bar, to stay on track when you’re on the go.

Try something new. Can’t stand the thought of spending another 30 minutes on the elliptical? Mix it up! Doing the same cardio routine every day not only gets boring, but over time, your muscles get used to the exercise and you reach a plateau. Get out of the rut my experimenting with different cardio and strength training routines. Not sure where to start? One of our personal trainers can help.

Exercise with a personal trainer. A personal trainer keeps you accountable—you’re less likely to ditch the gym when someone is expecting you—but working one-on-one with a personal trainer also provides you with a routine tailored to your lifestyle and goals. Beginners and regular exercisers benefit from personal training. Plus, a new routine may be exactly what you need to get out of your winter fitness rut.

Good news: During the month of April, work out with a personal trainer 10 times, and the next session is on us!

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