Upper East Side members, get your sneakers on and your MYZONE Physical Activity Belts ready for our March Madness fitness challenge! Whether you want to reignite your New Year’s resolution or just get in tip-top shape, we have some extra motivation for you to sweat it out!


From March 1 to March 31, work out with your MYZONE belt and earn as many MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) as you can. For every 50 MEPs, you will receive $1 to use toward any Asphalt Green service or product. You can save big on personal training, specialty classes, apparel, and more just for getting your workout in.


MYZONE tracks your heart rate and intensity level in real time and displays it on the TV screens around the gym. You will see your progress—and other exercisers’ progress—live on screen in the form of color-coded tiles, indicating your heart rate zone, calories burned, and intensity level.


The higher the intensity of your workout—indicated by the zones below from least intense to most intense—the faster you earn MEPs. What does 50 MEPs look like in each zone?

  1. Gray zone: 50 minutes (yoga, chi gung, Tai Chi)
  2. Blue zone: 25 minutes (Zumba, Reggaecise, Nia)
  3. Green zone: 16.7 minutes (boot camp, TRX circuit, Rockstar Fit, Body Definition, Total Body, Tabata circuit)
  4. Yellow and red zones: 12.5 minutes (BodyPump, spin, urban rebounding, P90X, cardio kickboxing)


Grab your MYZONE belt, head to the fitness center, and start making your fitness goals a reality!