To help you reach your fitness goals and amp up your workouts, we have installed MYZONE technology at our Fitness Center on the Upper East Side. Asphalt Green members can now pick up a MYZONE Physical Activity Belt for free to join in on the fun. The MYZONE Belt is a powerful new tool that will track your heart rate and intensity level in real time and display it on the TV screens around the gym. To keep you motivated, you will see your progress—and other exercisers—live on screen in the form of color-coded tiles, including your heart rate zone, calories burned, and workout intensity level.

“When a member picks up their free MYZONE Belt they are taking the next step in committing to a healthy lifestyle, becoming accountable for their workouts, and ensuring they are working out smarter,” says Jennifer Leibmann, Director of Fitness at Asphalt Green’s Upper East Side campus.

With MYZONE, the more time spent exercising, and the higher the intensity of that exercise, the more MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) are earned. All this workout data will be recorded in your online personal activity report, accessible through the MYZONE website or the free MYZONE Lite app. You can log into your personal MYZONE account and set goals, view workout results, and track your progress over the long term.

In addition to gym use, you can take your MYZONE Physical Activity Belt on your outdoor workouts. The belt can track and store up to 13 hours of outdoor activity. When you come back to the Asphalt Green Fitness Center, simply stand in front of the MYZONE hub wearing the belt and your data will be saved to your personal account.

Now get tracking! As a valued member of Asphalt Green, we are providing you with a free MYZONE belt! To reserve one, please email or call 212.369.8890 x2247.

"Throughout the year, we will be running MYZONE challenges to help motivate, encourage and reward members for their physical fitness," says Leibmann.