Members on our Upper East Side campus are using the MYZONE Physical Activity Belt to amp up their workouts and get in shape. The MYZONE Belt tracks heart rate and intensity level and displays progress in effort points (MEPs) on TV screens around the gym. We gave our members some extra motivation with some friendly competition and the chance to win raffle prizes by reaching MEP milestones.

Our first two challenges are complete, with Vitali Orhekov topping the charts in both our New Year, New You and March Madness challenges. Congratulations to Vitali and all participants. Take a look at the leaderboards:

New Year, New You (January 12 – February 14)
Total Participants: 44

  1. Vitali Orhekov (9072 MEPs)
  2. Penny Arnold (7253 MEPs)
  3. Joseph Cook (5990 MEPs)

March Madness (March 1 – March 31)
Total Participants: 45

  1. Vitali Orhekov (10037 MEPs)
  2. Penny Arnold (8097 MEPs)
  3. Thierry Pottier (4984 MEPs)

Members using the MYZONE Physical Activity Belts are seeing results! Here’s what some of the challenge participants had to say:

“I was curious to try MYZONE so that I could assess how hard I was working out. Now that I have MYZONE, I love tracking my workouts, understanding which activities have the greatest impact and challenging myself to reach for new goals. MYZONE has allowed me to work out not only hard but smart so that I can maximize my time at the gym.” –Vitali (winner of challenges)

“(I) love the MYZONE program. (I) have worked out for years and always thought I was focused on my workout. This belt made me aware of how inadequate my daily routine was. Now I work out at a higher level and am very aware of energy expenditure. Thank you.” – Felicia

“Thank you so much for the encouragement. Not only do I get it from my trainer, Leslie, but now also from "Big Brother!" I love the MYZONE Belt and appreciate receiving it as a freebee, too.  The sense of accomplishment in seeing the actual numbers is so stimulating.” –Andy

“I am thrilled about this heart monitor! It's an excellent tool to manage and improve my workouts. I've already been able to adjust my aerobics upward. It's great to be able to measure my progress.” -Régine

Stay tuned for our May MYZONE challenge! Contact the Fitness Department at 212.369.8890 x2247 to learn more and get your free MYZONE Physical Activity Belt.