Group exercise at Asphalt Green is on pause due to COVID-19. In the meantime, we’ve curated a list of personal trainers and workouts you may like based on the classes you love. 


Class: Yoga  


Workout Style: You approach your workouts with intention and understand the importance of the mind-body connection. Your ideal workout incorporates elements of strength, stability, stretching, and mindfulness.  


Perfect personal trainer match:  

Abby Kaufman (located at Asphalt Green’s Upper East Side campus) 

Abby incorporates lengthening and balancing elements of yoga with sneaky strength work into her personal training sessions.  


Try it on your own:  

If you’re hitting the gym solo, start your workout by incorporating sun salutations into your warm up, boat poses in your core work, deep hamstring stretches like pyramid pose as part of your cool down.  

Here’s a sample workout:  

  • Take deep breaths in with arms overhead three times.  
  • Repeat with forward fold three times.  
  • Step your left foot back into runner’s lunge, then lift your right arm up and twist your torso to the left. Repeat on the opposite side.  
  • Flow through sun salutations one to three times on each side, right to left.  
  • Hold boat pose for six breaths (legs straight at a 45-degree angle and head, neck and shoulders lifted off of the ground).  
  • Transition into bridge pose, repeat three to six times. 
  • Finish with a downward-facing dog flow. After you are in downward-facing dog, step your right foot forward, then your left food about one-third of thew ay toward the right. Straighten both legs and draw your nose to your knee for pyramid pose. Repeat on the left side.  


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