To make Asphalt Green a safe and enjoyable place to work out, all members must comply with the following policies:

Respect and Kindness 

Respect is our core value. Show kindness to fellow members, staff, and guests. 

Dress the Part 

Rock your workout gear, but leave the flip-flops, Crocs, slides, and heels at home. Remember, shirts are a must! 

Phone Etiquette 

Keep your calls outside the fitness center. We promise our equipment won't eavesdrop! 

Jam Responsibly 

Enjoy your playlist with headphones to keep the vibe personal. 


Must be at least 13 to use the fitness center. Ages 13-17 need a personal trainer's evaluation. 

Lock it up 

Stash your stuff in a locker; we're all about fitness, not finding lost property. 

Stay Fresh 

Wipe down equipment post-workout and keep those stretching mats shoe-free.