Please respect the authority of our lifeguards. Abide by the following pool rules to help all Asphalt Green members and guests safely enjoy the facility. 

  • Swimming is prohibited unless a lifeguard is on duty.  
  • Swimmers may not congregate anywhere in the water or on the pool deck. 
  • Proper swimsuit is required. Swimmers with hair past their chin must wear a swim cap.  
  • All swimmers must shower and remove all makeup and bandages before entering the pool.  
  • An on-deck shower is available for pre--swim rinse. 
  • Swimmers must split the lane and communicate with each other to ensure social distancing. 
  • Holding your breath repetitively or for a prolonged period of time can be deadly. Intentional hyperventilation, extended breath-holding training, and underwater breath-holding competitions are prohibited.  
  • Diving is prohibited. Feet-first entry only.  
  • Persons with inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharge, boils or open sores, or other evident skin or bodily infections are not allowed in the pool. Urination, discharge of fecal matter, expectoration, and blowing your nose in the pool are prohibited.  
  • Children not toilet-trained, or ages 4 and under, must wear non-disposable, rubberized pool diapers that fit tightly around their legs in addition to regular, disposable water diapers. 
  • Food, beverages, gum chewing, and glass items are not permitted. 
  • Street shoes are not allowed on the pool deck. Deck shoes are allowed. Shoe covers are available at the entrance of the locker rooms.  
  • Shared equipment (kick boards, fins, paddles, etc.) is removed. Swimmers must bring their own personal equipment (caps, goggles). 
  • Running, pushing, rough play, or abusive language is not tolerated.  
  • Member lap swim is open to adults and children 13 and older. Children ages 13–17 must pass a swim test before participating in lap swim. 

Swim Test Guidelines 

For the safety of our members and staff, all children ages 13-17 must successfully pass a swim test before they are allowed to join member lap swim.  

Children who do not pass the swim test are not allowed to swim during member lap swim.   

Swim Test Frequency: Swim tests must be completed prior to confirming a member lap swim reservation. Swimmers must schedule an appointment to be tested. Swim tests will be administered by Asphalt Green staff. If staff is concerned about a swimmer’s ability during member lap swim, additional testing will be administered

Schedule a Swim Test: Please contact the aquatics department to schedule a swim test. 

  • Battery Park City campus:  212-369-8890 x2940.  
  • Upper East Side campus: 212-369-8890 x2245.