The winter months require some creativity when it comes to keeping kids active. Often times, it is too cold to play outside, so you have to maximize your indoor space. Our Recess Enhancement Program (REP) game of the month, Celebrity Tag, checks all of the boxes for a great winter game. 


Celebrity Tag

Who: Grades 3-5

Players: 20 (make groups of four or five)

Time: 15+ minutes

Where: Small playground or indoor gym or hallway

Equipment: One cone per group


How to Play

  • Instruct students to form a line. One student is a way from the cone and four students are around the corner cone. Designate one celebrity and one photographer. The remainder of students are bodyguards.  
  • The celebrity and the bodyguards will join hands to form a circle around the cone. The photographer stands outside of the circle. 
  • The photographer is "it" and tries to tag the celebrity with two fingers. 
  • The bodyguards will try to protect the celebrity by turning the circle. 
  • If the celebrity is tagged by the phtoographer, the game stops and a new celebrity, photogrpher, and bodyguards are chosen. 



Once the celebrity is tagged, instruct students to high-five each other. 


EASY: Students can only walk.

MEDIUM: Designate two photographers. 

HARD: Expand the circle with more bodyguards.


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