As winter approaches, take this time to enjoy the last of crisp fall weather and play our Recess Enhancement Program (REP) game of the month, Lions and Lambs. Round up friends and family, get outside, and enjoy our fun spin on tag. The game requires teamwork and strategy; you will be actively throwing, catching, and tagging with dodgeballs! 


Lions and Lambs

Who: Grades 3 to 5

Players: 20+

Time: 15+ minutes

Where: Outdoor field 

Equipment: Two to three gator balls 


How to Play

  • Spread out. Designate two players to start as the lions. All other players are lambs. The lambs put their hands on their heads. 
  • The lions will start with one gator ball and attempt to tag the lambs. 
  • Lions pass the gator ball to each other but cannot take steps back while holding the ball. 
  • When a lamb is tagged, he or she becomes a lion. 
  • The game continues until all lambs are tagged. 


Conflict-Resolution Tip

Instruct students to high-five each other after being tagged


EASY: Allow players to throw the ball to tag lambs. 

MEDIUM: Start the game with multiple lions. 

HARD: Increase the boundary size


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