Keep kids engaged indoors. Asphalt Green's indoor scavenger hunt, created by by our camp team, is fun for the whole family and encourages creativity. How many of the following items can you find in your home? How to play:   

  • For families with two or more children: Gather your kids and give them an item off of the list below. The first child to get back to you gets a point. 
  • For families with one child or more: Give each child a bag or pillowcase, and every time he or she finds an item, give them another item to find. The first child who collects all items wins.
  • For families with one child or more, or an older only child: Reverse it! Give the each child a bag and set a timer for three minutes to fill it up with all sorts of random items throughout the house. After three minutes, the person who has the most items on the list wins. 

The List

  1. A square piece of toilet paper
  2. Something that snaps
  3. Something that pops
  4. Something red
  5. A left sock
  6. A pair of sunglasses
  7. A pair of flip flops
  8. Coffee cup/mug
  9. A pair of snow boots
  10. An item starting with the letter K
  11. Something square
  12. Something taller than you
  13. A necklace
  14. Your favorite doll/stuffed animal
  15. A Lego
  16. An elastic band
  17. A penny
  18. Band-Aid
  19. A winter hat
  20. Piece of food


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