When our Upper East Side Fitness Center no longer had use for some of its equipment, our Director of Fitness Jennifer Leibmann phoned the New York City Police Department!


It wasn’t an emergency, but she had equipment to offer, which included a Hammer Strength Olympic flat bench and incline bench. The NYPD gladly accepted the donation.  


Two officers from the 26th Precinct, Alex Bonilla and Gabriel Cabral, retrieved the flat bench and incline bench Friday, September 11. 


All equipment in the precincts’ recreation centers is donated, so the officers were thrilled to be getting newer benches in good condition. There are about 80 officers in the 26th Precinct who will use the recreation facility during lunch or before or after their shifts.


“It’s a stress reliever,” Bonilla says. “It keeps us healthy for [the duration of] our 20-year career.”