If you are spending the majority of the day in a seated position, hunched over a computer, your muscles are likely to tighten and feel sore. A good stretching routine can come to the rescue. Personal trainer Abby shares her favorite stretches you can do while working from home. Try to hold each position for 30 seconds, resting as needed throughout the routine.  

Chair Down-Dog Stretch 

This stretch activates your hamstrings, calves, lateral muscles of torso, and shoulders. It also includes a gentle rotation of the neck.  

  • Place your fingertips on top of the back of a chair, standing arms-distance away.  
  • Keep your heels under your hips and reach your seat back as you lean forward, bringing your ears alongside your arms.  


Seated Figure Four Stretch 

Stretch your glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and chest, which get tight from sitting for long periods of time.  

  • Sit in a chair with a straight back, lengthen both legs, then cross your right ankle over your left thigh above the knee. Bend your left knee.  
  • Place the outside of your right hand on your right shin, gently pressing your elbow to your leg to enhance stretch 
  • From here, take the exercise into a deep lateral spinal stretch. Lift your left arm up, lean into your right side. For a deeper stretch, come back to center and do a forward fold over your right shin.  
  • Repeat on the opposite side.  


Thoracic Spinal Stretch 

Give your spine, neck, and shoulders some stretching love.  

  • Sit all the way back into a chair with a straight back. Try to slide your underarms over the top sides of the chair.  
  • Face your palms forward. Lean into the back of the chair, lifting from the front of your chest as you lift your chin up and continue to move your palms more away from your body.   


Low Lunge With Quadriceps Stretch 

Give your quads and hip flexors a musch-needed release.  

  • Start in a standing position. 
  • Roll down and walk out into a plank. Bring your right foot forward, between your hands, and place your left knee to floor. If you need support, place a towel or blanket under your knee.  
  • Bend your left knee and reach back with right hand to grab your left foot. You can use a yoga strap or towel around your left ankle if you cannot reach with your hand.  
  • Draw your left ankle as close to your seat as possible.  
  • Repeat on the opposite side.