Every year, Asphalt Green puts our mission into action through a variety of family-friendly special events. Always open to the public, our special events celebrate the joy of fitness and sports through larger-than-life swim meets, active outdoor events, and fun-filled Halloween games and activities for the entire family. Any excuse is a good excuse to have fun and be active together as a community. Join us at one of our events this year!

Big Swim Big Kick

Celebrate the joy of swimming and soccer at Asphalt Green’s Big Swim Big Kick!

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Asphalt Screams

Thank you to everyone who made Asphalt Screams 2020 a spirited and special event. With social distancing measures in place,...

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Swim for the Future

Every fall, Asphalt Green celebrates the Swim for the Future Scholarship at the Swim for the Future Swim Meet and private...

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