How does Waterproofing work?

Students attend Waterproofing with their class during the school day once per week. Participating schools are responsible for transportation from the school to the facility and for supervising children in the locker rooms.

When does Waterproofing run?

Waterproofing runs every school year. The program runs from mid-September through May.

What age range does Waterproofing work with?

Waterproofing serves mostly second graders who are 7 and 8 years old. We find that second graders are at an ideal age to take the greatest advantage of our program. We do also run classes for older students in third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade, as well as in high school.

What if a student has absolutely no swim skills?

Not a problem! At the beginning of Waterproofing, each child is tested on a variety of skills, including submersion, floating, treading water and different swim strokes. Based on their skill level, children are placed in groups of six to eight to receive tailored swim instruction. For many children who participate in Waterproofing it is their first experience in a pool.

Who are the Waterproofing swim instructors?

Waterproofing is delivered by Asphalt Green swim instructors who meet all regulations required by the New York City Department of Health and the Department of Education. We follow a student to staff ration of 8:1 or better to allow us to give children the attention and instruction they deserve.

What should students bring to Waterproofing class?

Students should bring a swim suit, goggles and swim cap to wear during swim lessons. For students that need them, Asphalt Green provides swim suits, goggles and swim caps.

How do I participate in Waterproofing?

Asphalt Green partners with New York City public elementary schools to offer Waterproofing. We partner with public schools where a majority of students receive free or reduced meals in low-income neighborhoods with low physical activity levels.

How do I sign my school up to participate in Waterproofing?

We are always looking for new schools to work with to offer Waterproofing. Please contact our Waterproofing Program Coordinator at or call 212.369.8890 x2996.