Give your time and talents by volunteering! 

One of the most rewarding ways to show your support for Asphalt Green is to volunteer at one of our special events. We provide fun volunteer experiences for individuals and corporate groups during our special events like Asphalt Screams and Big Swim Big Kick.

Volunteer opportunities can include:

  • Running activity stations like Ghost Catcher Football at Asphalt Screams
  • Handing out medals to children at Big Swim Big Kick
  • Assisting instructors during swim clinics or soccer lessons
  • Rallying students during spirit or pep rally events for Community Sports Leagues
  • Timing races both in the pool and on the field

Corporate volunteer groups are encouraged to inquire about specific company events. If you or your company is interested in volunteering at one of our special events, please contact the Development Department: 212.369.8890 x2032,