This guessing game that can be played in any space will keep children active and engaged. 


Wait a Minute 

Who: Grades 3-8 

Players: 5+ 

Time: 10 minutes+ 

Where: Auditorium, cafeteria, classroom, gymnasium, hallway,  library, playground 

Equipment: None 

How to Play 

  • Players line up standing 6 feet apart from one another.  
  • The leader is the timekeeper. The timekeeper will say a length of time, and players will need to raise their hands when they think that amount of time has passed. Example: Raise your hand when you think one minute has passed. 
  • The round ends once all players have raised their hands.  
  • The person who raised his or her hand closest to the designated length of time wins. All other players will do 10 squats. 

Check for Understanding 

  • When do players raise their hands? 
  • What do the players do who are not closest to the desinated length of time?

Game Tip 

  • Keep the length of time within two minutes to keep the game engaging. 

Conflict-Resolution Tip

  • Play rock-paper-scissors if there is a tie.


Easy: Players must close their eyes. 

Medium: Players must run in place. 

Hard: Attempt to distract students (noises, etc.). 

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