Dodgeball enthusiasts will love our Recess Enhancement Program (REP) game of the month, Medic Ball. It’s dodgeball with a twist: one person on each team is a medic who can save players that have been hit by a ball. The medic has to be careful though. If he or she gets hit, nobody on his or her team can get back in the game. Medic Ball takes traditional dodgeball and adds an element of strategy and teamwork.

Medic Ball 

Who: Grades 3-5

Players: 30+

Time: 20+ minutes

Where: Indoor gymnasium 

Equipment: Cones to create boundary 


How to Play

  • Form two teams. Each team must choose a medic. The Medic’s job is to high-five players back into the game. 
  • When the facilitator calls out “medic ball,” players try to hit someone on the other team with the ball from waist down.
  • If you are hit below the waist, take a knee and wait for the medic to high-five you back into the game.
  • If the medic is out, he or she cannot rejoin the game.
  • The first team to get all of the players out wins the game! 



Use Rock-Paper-Scissors to solve disagreements.



EASY: Use four foam balls

MEDIUM: Use six foam balls 

HARD: Two medics per team 


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