Kids have a blast playing Circle Fireball, a less intense and more inclusive version of dodgeball. 


Circle Fireball 

Who: Grades 3 to 5

Players: 15+

Time: 15 minutes+

Where:  Indoor gym



Students form a circle with one person in the middle. 


How to Play: 

  • Form a circle with one student in the middle. 
  • Students on the outside of the cirlce try to hit the student in the middle by rolling a ball. 
  • The student in the middle tries to avoid getting hit by the ball. 
  • When the student in the middle gets hit, he or she switches places with the student who rolled the ball. 


Conflict Resolution Tip: 

Instruct students to high-five when switching places.



EASY: Use more than one ball. 

MEDIUM: Use more than four balls. 

HARD: Middle student can only stand on one foot. 


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