The first Parents vs. Kids Day at Roberto Clemente State Park was a success! The soccer season is halfway over, so even brand new players have had time to develop their basic fundamentals. Parents vs. Kids Day was the players’ chance to show the adults what they could do. 45 participants in Asphalt Green’s Roberto Clemente soccer program showed up with their parents in tow for a fun-filled day of soccer activities.

Our family had a great time this weekend. We enjoyed being able to share the soccer experience with our son, and we know that it was a great memory for him! Thank you for involving us in Parent vs. Kids Day. - Parents of a 5-year-old participant 

The day saw the kids and their parents rotating through various stations that highlighted different aspects of the sport. At the end of each station the kids squared off against their parents for a friendly scrimmage. Those scrimmages were the highlight of the day. Some parents came ready to go in full soccer gear, while others were a bit more hesitant. But by the end of the first station everyone was having a blast. Adults and children both experienced the joy of the game, and a few parents got their first chance to be back on a soccer field in years. It was a great way for parents to get active and bond with their kids over a mutual love of the sport.

"Thank you for this program and for hosting Parents vs. Kids Day.  It was fun to play and interact with the children and other families" - Parent of 7-year-old participant