Did you know? Your preschooler needs at least two hours of physical activity per day to stay healthy and happy.


Studies show children aren’t making the cut during daycare. The average child spends only 33 minutes playing outside and logs only 48 minutes of overall play per day. 


We have a solution: Let your children get their post-preschool wiggles out in our new Preschool PE class!  


Not only will Preschool PE let your child release much-needed energy, but instilling healthy exercise habits at a young age predicts a healthier future. Regular exercise promotes bone growth, develops motor skills and coordination, and builds strength, endurance, and flexibility.  Plus, active children are less likely to be overweight and more likely to be happy. 


We bring the fun to Preschool PE! Our high-energy instructors will lead your children through a variety of fun, engaging sports and activities. Kids will be introduced to gymnastics, basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming, yoga, basic fitness, and more! There’s no better way for your child to fall in love with sports, build confidence, and make new friends.


Preschool may be dismissed, but the fun continues here! Secure your spot today