During Play Days (formerly mini-camps), kids get a dose of all the fun that takes place during Asphalt Green’s Summer Day Camp. During February Fun Play Days, which ran from February 16 through February 20, campers (4-12 years old) were treated to active days filled with swimming, martial arts, basketball, gymnastics, and arts and crafts. To help celebrate the Chinese New Year, our staff led campers through a fun arts and crafts project to make Paper Chain Dragons. In Chinese culture, the dragon represents prosperity, good luck and good fortune.

Follow these steps to make your own Paper Chain Dragons at home with your kids:


  • Color construction paper
  • Crayons
  • Feathers
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes (optional)



  1. Cut construction paper into 1 inch wide strips.
  2. Tape or glue two ends of the paper strip together to make a loop. Slide one end of a second slip of paper through your loop and tape/glue the two ends of that strip together to create an interlocking chain. Repeat to make the chain as long as you would like. This will create the body of the dragon.
  3. Take another piece of construction paper to create your dragon head. For older kids, you can get creative and design a dragon head with paper. Some ideas include: fold the paper in half to create a mouth, add spikes, and play with shapes. For younger kids, keep it simple and draw a circle or large “peanut shape” on the paper for them to color inside of. Glue on googly eyes if you have them.
  4. Cut out the dragon head and glue it to the first loop of the dragon body.
  5. Glue on feathers wherever you please on the dragon. You can also use construction paper to create a tongue, spikes or tail!



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