Bump, set, spike! Asphalt Green Club Volleyball Team tryouts begin November 7. We’re looking for talented volleyball players ages 12 to 17 to represent Asphalt Green. Our coaches are dedicated to teaching players physical and mental toughness to develop into a leader—on and off the court. Find out what our experienced coaches expect to see at tryouts and what makes a player stand out.



Expectations:  I am looking for hard-working players that are coachable, have strong communication skills, and are open to learning new techniques.

Tip for tryouts: Review standard volleyball terminology and practice to get back in the swing of volleyball. I am most interested the effort the athlete puts into tryouts. A strong work ethic will be my top selection criteria.



Expectations: I'm looking forward to seeing the high energy at tryouts; nerves and excitement make volleyball that much better. 

Tip for tryouts: Stand out; tryouts are the place to make yourself known!



Expectations: Players should know the concept of bumping, setting, spiking, and serving.

Tip for tryouts: We are looking for players who are athletic and love the game of volleyball!



Expectations: I’m looking for athletes who have an understanding of basic passing skills (bumping and setting), proper serving form, good footwork, hustle, and energy!

Tip for tryouts: Come in confident, know your position well, and show up fit and ready to play intense games of volleyball!


See you on the court! Tryouts begin November 7. Register here.