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Name: Craig Hutchinson

Job Title: Asphalt Green Soccer Club Director of Coaching

Asphalt Green Department: Sports

Asphalt Green Campus: Upper East Side


Q: How long have you been working at Asphalt Green?

A: I’ve been at Asphalt Green for a year and a half.


Q: What are some of your responsibilities at Asphalt Green?

A: As director of coaching, I oversee our coaching staff and the development of our players as well as the general day-to-day operations of the club. In addition, I am also head coach of two teams: boys U7 Academy team and boys U13 Gunners team.


Q: What is your favorite aspect of working at Asphalt Green?

A: Working for a soccer club that is part of a greater sports organization is a uniquely positive experience. Both coaches and players benefit.


Q: What is one of your fondest memories of working at Asphalt Green so far?

A: My favorite memory is taking two of our teams to the Disney Showcase in Orlando, Florida, last year and seeing our girls U15 team win the championship. It was the first time we sent our teams to a tournament so far away, and it was exciting having so much success.


Q: How did you get into the sports industry?

A: In school, I studied sports studies and physical education, and it was always my intention to work in the sports industry. I’m originally from England, and I came to the United States in summer 2002 to coach soccer for two months. Then, I was offered a full-time coaching job, so I stayed in the country indefinitely. Over the 13 years that have followed, I have worked for four professional soccer clubs and several national soccer organizations as a coach, manager, coaching director, and media correspondent.


Q: How many sports do you play?

A: I have played sports my whole life and represented my university in seven different sports. I even won my university’s 2003 Sports Personality of the Year award.


Q: What is your favorite sport to watch?

A: I’m a sports nut and watch a variety of sports. My favorites include soccer, rugby, football, baseball, hockey, cricket, golf, basketball, and tennis.


Q: Who is your favorite sports team?

A: I grew up a Sheffield Wednesday soccer fan in England and am currently on the board of the New York City Sheffield Wednesday supporters group. When I first moved to the U.S. I lived in Boston, so I am also a big New England sports fan and attend most New England Patriots games.


Q: What is the best sports tip you’ve received or favorite tip to share with players?

A: Practice makes permanent!


Q: Please provide a fun fact about yourself?

A: Away from Asphalt Green, two of my favorite hobbies are:

  1. Working in sports media; I’ve had the opportunity to interview famous athletes.
  2. Acting in movies and television shows, mainly as an extra but occasionally as a principal actor, stand in, body double, or in stunts. It’s always fun working with world-famous actors on interesting projects!