Kids use their imaginations and get active to complete pirate training. 


Pirate School

Who: Grades K-5 

Players: 8-12 

Time: 15 minutes+ 

Where: Auditorium, cafeteria, gymnasium, hallway, playground 

Equipment: Tape, cones, task tents 

Set-up: When creating stations, space cones far enough apart so students can remain 6 feet away from each other for the duration of the activity. Insert the Pirate School activity sheets into the task tents, (one sheet per tent), to create up to eight stations. You may want to number each station to help guide participants.

How to Play

  • Gather up! Make sure participants are standing 6 feet apart from one another. 
  • The leader says: "Ahoy! I am Captain Coach of the SS Asphalt Green. I’m looking for a new crew, and I think you’d make some fine pirates! I think we need to do some pirate training in order to make sure."
  • There are different pirate training stations around the room with a task tent. In each task tent, there is a card with a description and illustration of the training you’ll need to complete. For example: There is a "Walk the Plank" station where participants will need to practice walking the plank. 
  • Participants will have 60 seconds to train at each station. 
  • After the 60 seconds, everyone will transition to the next pirate training station.  

Check for Understanding 

  • How long do players have at each pirate training station? 
  • How will players know it’s time to switch pirate training stations? 

Game Tip

  • Make sure there are enough activity stations so there are never more than two to three players at a station, and ensure there is always enough room for students to be 6 feet away from one another.  

Conflict-Resolution Tip 

  • If participants are having a hard time at any particular station, have them practice their jumping jack sparrows to get their heart rate up. 


Easy: Players need to "row the boat” between each pirate training station

Medium: Increase the amount of time at each station.

Hard: Walk the LONG plank: With tape, create a 20-foot line at each station and have players complete each training exercise along that line. 


Task Tent Stations

Row, Row, Row the Boat 

Prepare for when the winds aren’t blowin’ and we need to get rowin’! Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and extend your arms straight out, parallel to the floor. Begin circling your arms forward using small, controlled motions, gradually making the circles bigger. Alternate the direction of the circles every 15 seconds. 


Sailor Squats 

All pirates sailing the seven seas know they need to practice their sailor squats. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart, put your weight in your heels, and sit back like you would in a chair.  


Starfish Jumps 

Squat to touch the ground, then explode into the air, reaching your arms and legs out as soon as your feet leave the ground. Make sure to wave hello to all the other starfish in the sea. 


Walk the Plank 

Prepare to walk the plank. Start in a standing position. Bend forward, lower your hands to the ground, and keep your feet still as you walk out to a plank or raised pushup position. From the plank, keep your hands still as you walk your feet in toward your hands. Then, stand up and begin again! 


Crow’s Nest Climb 

We always need a lookout in the crow’s nest, so let’s practice climbing to it. Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms by your sides. Bring your right knee up to waist level and extend your left arm over your head. Return to the starting position and then repeat with the opposite side. Keep alternating sides as fast as you can. 


Swab the Deck 

Cleaning is part of a pirate’s life, so let’s practice swabbing the deck. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keeping your legs planted and your lower body facing forward, twist your shoulder and upper body from left to right slowly – like you’re swabbing the deck with a mop! 


Crab Walk 

We're going to be meeting a lot of crabs out at sea, so we better learn to move like them to befriend them. Otherwise they might get...crabby with us! Start on your bottom with your hands behind your back and legs bent at the knees. Lift your bottom off the ground. Move forward, backward, or sideways like a crab.  


Jumping Jack Sparrows 

Stand upright with your legs together, arms at your sides. Bend your knees slightly, and jump into the air. As you jump, spread your legs about shoulder-width apart, and stretch your arms out and over your head. Jump back to starting position. See if you can beat Captain Jack Sparrow’s record of ___. (Game facilitator can make up record) 

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