Kids flex both their creative and physical muscles in our popular Recess Enhancement Program (REP) game Storytellers. 



Who: Grades K-5

Players: 5+ 

Time: 10 minutes+ 

Where: Auditorium, cafeteria, classroom, gymnasium, hallway, library, playground 

Equipment: None 

How to Play 

  • Players form a circle, standing 6 feet apart from one another.
  • All players are storytellers! They will be creating a story together as a group. 
  • Select a story leader. The leader will start by saying one word, and the person to his or her right will then add another word that connects to it like a story. This pattern will continue throughout the game. 
  • If a player cannot think of a word to add to the story, then he or she must do 10 jumping jacks before rejoining the game as the new story starter. 

Check for Understanding 

  • How many words does each player add to the story? 
  • What happens if you cannot think of a word? 

Game Tip  

  • Reinforce that the goal is to create a cohesive story. Players should choose words that link together, not trip each other up. 

Conflict Resolution Tip  

  • Ensure that players understand the story will go in many different directions, but if there are any disagreements, players can play rock-paper-scissors to settle them. 


Easy: Add a sentence. 

Medium: Hold a balancing position until the story finishes.

Hard: Jog in place until the story finishes.  

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