Basketball has proven to be a favorite activity at recess, in gym class, and after school. The sport promotes physical activity, teamwork, and a sense of fair play. Knockout provides structure, encourages player development, and improves stamina in an exciting environment. 



Who: Grades 3 to 5

Players: 15+

Time: 15+ minutes

Where: Gymnasium or outdoor basketball court 

Equipment: Two basketballs  


How to Play

  • Form a line behind the free throw line. The first two people in line start the game. 
  • If the first player makes the shot, he or she is safe. He or she passes the ball to the next player and goes to the back of the line. 
  • If the first player misses the shot, the next player in line takes a shot from the free throw line. The first player continues to shoot from anywhere on the court. 
  • If the second player makes the shot before the first player, the first player is knocked out of the game. 
  • The game continues until only one player remains. 

Conflict-Resolution Tip

  • Use rock-paper-scissors to break a tie.



EASY: Shoot from free throw line.

MEDIUM: Shoot from the three-point line.

HARD: Shoot from the half-court line. 


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