Keep kids moving, and let them show off their silly sides with our Recess Enhancement Program's (REP) game of the month, Fruit Salad.


Fruit Salad

Who: Grades kindergarten to 5

Players: 20+

Time: 15 minutes+

Where: Small playground


How to Play:

  • Form a large circle and sit down! Each player is assigned one of the following fruits: bananas, grapes, oranges, apples, pears.
  • The facilitator will stand in the middle of the circle and call out one of the fruits. 
  • All players who are assigned that fruit will stand up, run around the circle, and sit down in their original spot.
  • The last player to make it back to his or her spot will do a silly dance or exercise in the middle of the cirlce for five seconds. 
  • When the facilitator shouts “fruit salad,” all players must run around the circle and return to their spot.


Conflict-Resolution Tip:

  • Allow the student who is last to call out the next fruit. 



EASY: Power walk around the circle.

MEDIUM: Side shuffle around the circle.

HARD: Crab walk around the circle.


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