Fight winter blues with an energy-boosting outdoor or indoor playground game. Our Recess Enhancement Program's (REP) game of the month requires no equipment and will keep kids active and entertained. 

Cat and Mouse

Who: Grades K-2

Players: 10-15

Time: 25+ minutes

Where: Indoor gymnasium or small playground


How to Play: 

  • Form a circle and hold hands. 
  • One student is the cat and one student is the mouse.
  • The cat must try to tag the mouse outside of the circle with two fingers.
  • The mouse can go inside and outside of the circle. The cat can only stay outside the circle. 
  • If the Mouse is tagged, switch roles. Restart the game. 

Conflict-resolution tip

The mouse can only stay inside the circle for five seconds. 



EASY: One mouse and one cat

MEDIUM: Two mice and one cat

HARD: Four mice and one cat