Kick off summer fun with an active game guaranteed to get everyone laughing. Our Recess Enhancement Program's (REP) game of the month, Animal Kingdom, is sure to be a hit. 


Animal Kingdom

Who: Grades K-5

Players: 20+

Time: 10+ minutes

Where: Hallway or small outdoor space


How to Play

  • Form a circle. Select one player to be the zookeeper, who will stand in the middle of the circle. 
  • The zookeeper will close his or her eyes and instruct other players how to move around the cirlce (skip, run, jump, etc.)
  • When the zookeeper is ready, he or she says, "freeze," points to someone, and shouts out an animal.  
  • If you are chosen, you have to make the sound of an animal that the zookeeper says. 
  • The zookeeper has three chances to guess who made the sound. 
  • The player who made the animal sound switches places with the zookeeper. 

Conflict-Resolution Tip

If the zookeeper points between two people, have them do rock-paper-scissors to determine who will make the animal sound.


EASY: Zookeeper will guess the noise.

MEDIUM: Make the movement of the animal.

HARD: Say the word like the animal. 


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