Players get a lesson on the importance of physical activity while moving in our Recess Enhancement Program (REP) game, Heart Smart.


Heart Smart

Who: Grades K-5    

Players: 10+    

Time: 10 minutes+    

Where: Auditorium, cafeteria, gymnasium, hallway, playground    

Equipment: None 

How to Play 

  • Players spread out standing 6 feet away from each other. 
  • The leader calls out things that are good for the heart (walking, running, vegetables, sports, fruits, dancing). When the leader calls out an item, players perform an exercise (pushups, jumping jacks, toe touches). 
  • The leader also calls out things that are bad for the heart (smoking, germs, TV, fast food, soda). When the leader does this, players do not do anything. 
  • If a player messes up, he or she does a silly dance, then rejoins the game. 

Check for Understanding  

  • When the leader says, "strawberries," what do you do?
  • When the leader says, "flu," what do you do?

Game Tip  

  • Demonstrate for players. 

Conflict Resolution Tip 

  • Have players suggest things that are good or bad for the heart. 


Easy: Jumping jacks

Medium: Plank  

Hard: Burpees 

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