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This exciting Recess Enhancement Program (REP) game encourages teamwork and detective work. 



Who: Grades K-5

Players: 10+

Time: 10 minutes+

Where: Auditorium, cafeteria, classroom, gymnasium, hallway, library, playground

Equipment: None 

How to Play 

  • Players form a circle and stand 6 feet away from each other. The facilitator will pick one detective that will leave the circle. 
  • The facilitator will pick one one leader who will start making movements that everyone else in the circle will copy. 
  • The detective starts in the middle and tries to figure out who is the leader.
  • The detective has three guesse. After three guesses, choose a new leader and detective.

Check for Understanding 

  • How many guesses does the detective get? 
  • Who do the players copy? 

Game Tip  

  • Tell students not to give away the leader.

Conflict Resolution Tip 

  • Have players wi-fi (wireless high five or air five) each other. 


Easy: Leader can speak.

Medium: Have two detectives. 

Hard: Have two leaders.

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