Want to do the New York City Triathlon on July 19, 2015? We have a few charity spots open to race on behalf of Asphalt Green! Join the thousands of other athletes who will be swimming in the Hudson River, biking along Manhattan’s West Side Highway, and running through Central Park. Even if you’ve never done a triathlon, you can race with us! Ellen Ioanes, Development Associate at Asphalt Green, shares everything you need to know about fundraising and racing for Asphalt Green at the New York City Triathlon.


Q: What are the benefits of racing for Asphalt Green at the New York City Triathlon?

A: Our racers will receive access to our race ready triathlon program through the Asphalt Green Triathlon Club, which starts in late March. Benefits will include email coaching from our triathlon coaches, access to triathlon-specific classes, workouts and clinics, bike fittings and more. Racers will also get an Asphalt Green racing top.


Q: Why should athletes fundraise on behalf of Asphalt Green for the New York City Triathlon?

A: If you are an athlete, you know the positive effect that sports and fitness have had on your life. Nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment you get when you do something you didn’t think you could do—we want to give NYC kids in need the same great feeling of accomplishment through our sports and fitness programs. Learn more about Asphalt Green’s free Community Programs.


Q: How much money does a racer need to fundraise on behalf of Asphalt Green for the New York City Triathlon? What does fundraising entail?

A: The fundraising minimum is $2,500. Fundraising is easy! We encourage our fundraisers to use Crowdrise—a simple crowdsourcing website—to set up a fundraising page and share it with their friends, family and followers on social media. I will provide each racer with detailed instructions on how to set up their page and I’m available to help at any time. We also track your donations and thank your donors in real time.


If you are interested in one of Asphalt Green’s charity spots for the New York City Triathlon, please contact Ellen Ioanes by March 15, 2015: eioanes@asphaltgreen.org, 646.981.2233.