The lessons you learn in sports—teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance—stick with you for life. The wisdom you gain from the pool, field, or court equips you to thrive through many of life’s challenges. Asphalt Green coaches reflect on how the lessons they learned in their respective sports have helped them through the pandemic.  


David Rohn, 11U Basketball Coach  

"Basketball has taught me resiliency. Setbacks and defeats are a part of life. I’ve learned to not let anything deter you or ruin your confidence. These lessons have helped greatly during these times. I know the situation will get better, and with proper attitude and work ethic, the future is even brighter than before." 


Diana Pimer, AGUA Swim Coach  

"One of the biggest lessons swimming has taught me is how to realistically evaluate a situation and re-direct in a different direction if necessary. Just a few examples are a coach changing my event lineup in the middle of a meet, refocusing technique because of an injury, or switching up training to adapt to different parts of the season.  

This has benefited me greatly during the pandemic because our plans are constantly changing as new information becomes available. Some days making and implementing these changes is pretty simple while other times it takes a big toll on you. But swimming has taught me how to see the big picture from multiple directions and this has definitely helped me get through the harder days of the pandemic." 


Christopher Cassels, Basketball Operations Director  

"Sports have taught me the importance of staying in the moment and being thankful for everything we have. Those lessons have helped me keep things in perspective and not stress about the things that we cannot control. I’m more grounded." 


Nicholas Hunt, Director of Volleyball Operations  

"I think the most important lesson I've learned through sports is that there are no shortcuts, in the game and in life. The pandemic has helped me realize that there is more time than we think to improve. All this extra time is time you can use to improve on a skill, reach out to new potential opportunities, or find ways to truly better yourself." 


Troy Thomas, Recreational Basketball Coach 

"Sports have taught me commitment and discipline. This has helped me adjust to the new normal as a result of the pandemic. Adapting to the new way of living—wearing a mask and social distancing—takes discipline. We’ve all had to deal with drastic changes while continuing to move forward."  


Adrianne Bunbury, Head Basketball Coach  

"Sports have taught me how to communicate well and work with others. Through sports, I’ve built connections with people I consider family. Keeping in touch has helped me get through this pandemic."


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