Asphalt Green’s Swim for the Future Scholarship was created in honor of two Asphalt Green Masters Swim Team members—Andrew Fisher and Doug Irgang—who tragically lost their lives on 9/11. Scholarships are awarded each year to talented AGUA Swim Team members.


This year, AGUA swimmer Luiza received the Swim for the Future Scholarship. Learn more about this talented athlete!


Luiza’s Favorites:

Color: Purple

Class: Science

Music: A little bit of everything, from rock to pop to R&B

Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate


Q: How did you get into swimming?

A: The first sport I played was soccer. My family is from Brazil, and everyone played soccer. My mom wanted me to do something different, so she signed me up for swim lessons. I started getting better and stuck with the sport.


Q: How long have you been on the AGUA Swim Team?

A: This is my fourth year on the swim team!


Q: What is a typical training week like?

A: On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have practice before school at 5:30am. I swim, go to school, go to dryland training, and then swim again. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I go to school, then come to Asphalt Green for dryland training, and end the day swimming. I have one day off from practice each week.


Q: What are your goals in the sport?

A: My goals are to swim in the Olympics and in college. I visited Brazil to watch Rio Olympics this summer, and it was amazing and inspiring seeing the top athletes in the world compete. It motivated me to keep working hard at practice.


Q: How do you balance school and swim?

A: Through swimming, I’ve learned to manage my time really well. When I have a free period at school or time before swim, I’m doing my homework. I like to have my work done before I come home from afternoon swim, so I can eat just dinner and relax at night.


Q: Why do you think it’s so important to play sports?
There are many benefits to playing sports. They are great for your health and take your mind off school, which can be stressful at times. Sports are also really fun. You get to spend time with your friends doing something you love.


Q: What does the Swim for the Future Scholarship mean to you?

A: The scholarship has opened doors for me to be a part of AGUA, one of the best swim teams in the area. I’ve grown as a swimmer and person since joining the team. We travel to compete against the best, which pushes us to be better. Every day is a new, exciting challenge. 


Q: What is your favorite memory on the AGUA Swim Team?

A: It’s hard to pick one memory! Swim practice is really fun. It can be challenging, but that’s part of what I love. Everyone really supports each other, even when swim sets are hard. I also love the energy of swim meets, especially when we travel. You really get to bond with team.