A huge thank you to all of the teams that participated in the fall 2014 season of Adult Sports Leagues at Asphalt Green’s Upper East Side campus! During the fall season, we had four leagues running: Sunday Coed Soccer League (8v8), Weekday Coed Soccer League (8v8), Men’s Soccer League (8v8), and Men’s Adult Basketball League (5v5).

We had a great season with lots of action and great plays! While the championship teams of each league get bragging rights, we also awarded them with Asphalt Green winter beanies, a free 7-day gym membership to Asphalt Green, and a $100 gift certificate to East End Bar and Grill.

Here is the rundown of the fall 2014 championship teams:

  • Sunday Coed Soccer League (8v8): It’s All About Adam
  • Weekday Coed Soccer League (8v8): FC Maury Ballstein
  • Men’s Soccer League (8v8): Volk Mannschaft
  • Men’s Adult Basketball League (5v5): Free Agent Ballers

Congrats to the championship teams for all your hard work! Check back in March to see who will be crowned the winter 2015 adult sports leagues champions!