Batter up! Asphalt Green Baseball Team competitive tryouts are right around the corner. We’re looking for future MLB All-Stars! Our coaches are dedicated to providing players with the physical and mental skills to develop into a leader. Find out what our top-notch coaches expect to see at tryouts and what makes a player stand out!


Matt Mullin

Teams: 8U and 12U

Expectations: I expect players to showcase the basic skills necessary to be successful in baseball. You should be able to control how you hit, throw, and catch a ball.

What makes a player stand out: A player can always stand out by showing a determination to hustle. If you make a great play or an error, you should always be hustling.

Tryout tip: Always hustle and ask as many questions as possible.

Matt’s favorite baseball memory: My favorite memory from competitive baseball growing up has to be finding out I was going to play college baseball. It was always a goal of mine in high school, and finding out that it was officially happening was beyond exciting.


Kelvin McAllister

Teams: 7U, 8U, and 9/10U

Expectations: Basic skills and focus are key. Tryouts are key indicators of the strengths and weaknesses that develop and improve a team. We expect each player to be focused and to bring a controlled and competitive focus to the field.

What makes a player stand out: Fundamentals and flare. I’m looking for a player who can make a difficult play look easy and have fun at the same time.

Tryout tip: Be your best self. Coaches can decipher talent and effort. Bring your best effort and we will develop your talents.

Kevin’s favorite baseball memory: Every time I stepped on the field I knew I would meet someone who would be just as good as me, if not better. I loved the competition and made it my goal each pitch, each out, and each game to be the best.


Chris Gonzalez

Team: 12U

Expectations: I expect players to give 100 percent effort and to be respectful toward coaches and fellow teammates. 

What makes a player stand out: What makes a player stand out is his leadership on and off the field and his hard work.  Is he willing to put in the extra work to get better? When coaches or teammates are speaking, does he pay attention? Does he treat his teammates with respect? 

Tryout tip: Try and hit every important aspect of a player that can transcend into real game situations so they can be evaluated on in game performances 

Chris’s favorite baseball memory: My favorite memory growing up is all of the traveling I did all across the country and world. The different cultures that other states and country’s instill in there players makes you expand your game. 


Miguel Deguzman

Team: 12U

Expectations: I expect players to know and execute the fundamentals of the game: throwing, catching, hitting, and running.

What makes a player stand out: What makes a player stand out in my eyes is how well they follow instructions. Do they do the little things right? Do they listen when the coach is trying to teach the players? It doesn’t take talent to be coachable.  

Tryout tip: Do not worry about other players. Focus on your game and control what you can control. 

Miguel’s favorite baseball memory: My favorite memory was being able to play in Cooperstown, NY, at 10 years old. To play against other teams from all over the country really opened my eyes on how hard I had to work to play this amazing game for a long period of time.


We hope to see you on the field! Tryouts begin in March. Learn more