Asphalt Green is proud to have 11 runners racing on behalf of our organization in the United Airlines NYC Half on Sunday, March 19, 2023. Read on to get to know the wonderful people who are raising money to help support our free community programs that spread the power of sports and fitness to all New Yorkers. You may recognize a familiar face – our very own CEO, Jordan Brackett! 

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Jordan Brackett 

Jordan has been running half-marathons since 2012. As CEO of Asphalt Green, Jordan believes that leading the organization is about more than making business decisions; it’s also about living out the organization’s mission. By running this half-marathon, he hopes to demonstrate to everyone in New York City that health and fitness are truly the number one priority at every level of the organization. 



Max Davidson 

Max has been running for over three and a half years, and as a recent transplant, he is excited to run a half-marathon in New York City for the first time. He loves the benefits to his mental and physical health that athleticoutlets provide and is eager to share them with his new community. 




Christophe Durand 


Christophe has run this half-marathon multiple times before and is excited to return this year to experience the beautiful course and high-energy crowd. He loves the benefits of keeping active and appreciates that running is a sport that can be done anytime, anywhere. 



Edwin Fernandez 

Edwin loves to run. It makes him feel like he’s flying when he’s moving so fast among a group of people. And running for a good charity makes it even better! He’s happy to be supporting Asphalt Green and wants to share the mental and emotional advantages of physical activity with everyone around him. 



Murray Litman 

Murray is running this half-marathon in memory of his dad’s childhood friend, Doug Irgang, who tragically lost his life on 9/11. He wants to support Asphalt Green the way that Doug’s family does through the Swim for the Future scholarship. He is looking forward to the challenge and loves the outlet that running such a long race provides. 



Stephanie Margolis 

Stephanie is returning this year for her second half-marathon. She grew up playing soccer at Asphalt Green and can’t imagine a childhood without sports. She’s teaming up with Asphalt Green because she wants to ensure all New Yorkers have access to the same amazing programs and facilities that she did growing up. 



Cynthia Oh 

Cynthia is running her second half-marathon in 2023. She trained for her first one in secret because she didn’t think she could finish it, but she did and she’s back for more! She’s running in support of Asphalt Green because her two sons are members of the AGUA Swim Team. She wants to give back to an organization that has been such a big part of her family’s life and has contributed so much to their growth over the years. 



Abigail Schwenger 

Abigail ran her first half-marathon in Philadelphia in the fall of 2022 and fell in love with the experience. She’s looking forward to running past iconic New York City landmarks this time around. She was inspired to take part in the half-marathon on behalf of Asphalt Green because she wants kids in the local community to enjoy the same opportunities for sports and fitness that she had growing up. 



Paul Sinkevics 

Paul ran a half-marathon for the first time in 2022 and absolutely loved it. The atmosphere was electric, and he knew immediately that he would be doing it again in 2023 to set a new personal record. Teaming up with Asphalt Green is the natural extension of his desire to give back to his community and to help provide the same opportunities in sports and fitness that he enjoyed growing up to all New Yorkers. 



Qi Wen 

This will be Qi’s second half-marathon in as many years. He just likes to run! He’s running this year in support of Asphalt Green to benefit his own health and to promote a healthy lifestyle for his community. 





We would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Stewart Gross for running the New York City half-marathon in support of Asphalt Green this year.