Asphalt Green is proud to have 10 runners racing on behalf of our organization in the New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 5, 2023 (and one very kind person who isn’t running but is still fundraising on our behalf!). Read on to get to know the wonderful people who are raising money that will help support our free community outreach programs that spread the power of sports and fitness to all New Yorkers.  


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Aloysee Heredia Jarmoszuk 

Aloysee is a member of Asphalt Green’s board of directors and is excited to be able to give back to the organization by running the marathon this year. She believes that sports and fitness are critical to mental and physical health. 



Amy Rosenberg 

Amy is a passionate runner who supports Asphalt Green, a nonprofit that offers sports and fitness programs to New Yorkers. She is running in memory of her parents and in honor of her son, who works as a lifeguard at Asphalt Green. She enjoys her runs in Central Park while listening to Queen songs. 



Bruna Arias 

Bruna has been running for almost a decade now, and she is challenging herself to compete in the New York City marathon because it is the most prestigious race in the world. She trains hard on the Williamsburg Bridge, while listening to her favorite tunes by Billy Idol, Disclosure, Daft Punk, and Gossip.



Brynly May 

Brynly is teaming up with her dad Darrell to run the NYC Marathon on behalf of Asphalt Green. She was inspired to run the marathon after discovering the positive mental and physical health benefits of running during the pandemic. 




Darrell May 

Darrell is part of a father/daughter team with his daughter Brynly. A former MLB pitcher, he has competed in the NYC Marathon before and loved every minute of it. This time around, he wanted to help his daughter achieve her goal of completing the most famous race in the world.  




James Chan 

James is an ambitious runner who has set his sights on achieving one of his lifelong goals: completing the NYC marathon. He is a new member of Asphalt Green, who wants to support the organization’s community-based mission.  




Jeff Rearden 
Jeff is a lifelong swimmer who has taken up running as a new challenge. He loves running in Central Park and along the East River in the summer mornings. He is thrilled to run the NYC marathon, a dream he has had ever since moving to the city. 




Jordan Brackett 

Jordan has been running marathons since 2012. As CEO of Asphalt Green, Jordan believes that leading the organization is about more than making business decisions; it’s also about living out the organization’s mission. By running this marathon, he hopes to demonstrate to everyone in New York City that health and fitness are truly the number one priority at every level of the organization. 



Megan Shutzer 

Megan is a soccer player who has overcome two knee surgeries and is determined to run the NYC marathon. She had to defer her marathon run to 2024 due to an injury, but she is still fundraising this year. She joined Asphalt Green’s soccer team when she was nine years old and was the only girl on the team for three years. She loves running on dirt trails and has been training since college. 




Michelle Karlin 

Michelle is a passionate runner who believes that the NYC Marathon is the best marathon in the world. Her daughter has played soccer for Asphalt Green for five years and they both appreciate the special role that Asphalt Green has played in their lives. She is excited to run for the team and contribute to the incredible programs that Asphalt Green has to offer. 



Stephanie Dubois 

Stephanie is a runner who has always dreamed of running the NYC marathon while living in the city. She is a member of Asphalt Green, a nonprofit that promotes sports and fitness for all New Yorkers. She has been running since 2010 and is ready to take on the challenge of the marathon.