Golden Goal is an annual campaign to raise $350,000 to provide operational support to forward AGSC’s mission. AGSC is committed to becoming NYC’s leading soccer club that is recognized as an elite program regionally and nationally. Why is this campaign important? 

  • We must invest in maintaining a high standard of excellence in each of the three pillars of a toptier program: players, coaches, and facilities. 
  • Athletes will feel the positive impact on and off the field.
  • Players will learn lifelong lessons in leadership, commitment, resilience and character development.



We are encouraging 100 percent parent participation to make our vision possible. Give $5,000 or more, and become a World Cup Team donor. All proceeds go directly toward the following AGSC initiatives and are tax deductible.



Here's how your donation can make a difference:

  •  $20,000 provides coaches with professional development opportunities
  •  $10,000 funds a mental strengthening program
  •  $5,000 gives a one-year scholarship with travel to an AGSC player
  •  $2,500 enriches player development through special partnerships
  •  $1,000 allows an AGSC coach to work with a Harlem middle school feeder team
  •  $500 helps two children learn soccer through our free community programs

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