While New York City was getting record snow, the Asphalt Green Masters Swim Team was enjoying the sunny Bahamas.


From January 16 to January 23, 12 Masters swim team members took their training overseas to tropical paradise.


The team’s second international trip was a perfect combination of swimming, training on land, and relaxation. Over the course of the week, our athletes spent 15 hours in the pool, an hour and a half building strength through dryland training, and an hour and a half practicing open water swimming skills in the beautiful Goodman’s Bay and Palm Cay oceans. The team recharged at the Atlantis Resort’s water park and private beaches and got to know the locals at Palm Cay’s live jazz and pizza night. 


After a week of intense training, the trip culminated with the U.S. Masters Postal swim competition to determine how far each athlete could swim in one hour. Each athlete was inspired to swim their best, ending the trip on a high note.


Scroll through pictures from the Bahamas above, and stay tuned for our next tropical destination team trip! Want to join the Asphalt Green Masters Swim Team? Contact Head Coach Jonas Altman-Kurosaki: 212.369.8890 x2271, jaltmank@asphaltgreen.org.