Asphalt Green is proud to announce that our Recess Enhancement Program (REP) is working closely with The Partnership for a Healthier New York City on the Active Design Guidelines for Schools. The goal of the Active Design Guidelines for Schools is to create a comprehensive toolkit that provides schools and other stakeholders with resources to increase possibilities for physical activity among children by making opportunities safe, appealing and accessible. 

“Students perform better and their learning communities are improved with greater physical activity, yet the barriers to access can be great in many places,” says Lisa Donlan, District 1 Community Education Council in a press release from The Partnership for a Healthier New York City. “An Active Design toolkit that enables the community members themselves to identify and address those barriers could make the difference from ‘No’ to ‘Go’ when it comes to increased physical activity in schools today.”

Asphalt Green’s Recess Enhancement Program is committed to help all elementary schools address barriers to recess. Through the Active Design Guidelines for Schools, REP is helping school’s reexamine and redefine available spaces for physical activity, learning, and development for all NYC students.