Finding the perfect part-time job while juggling school and a social life isn’t easy. Are you dedicated, physically fit, and ready to handle responsibility? Then becoming a lifeguard may be the perfect idea for you. Here’s why you should get certified today:


  1. Business casual, what’s that?  Your comfortable work wardrobe consists of a swimsuit and a red T-shirt.  
  2. You stay fit, all year round. Lifeguarding requires you to be in good physical shape. If you work at Asphalt Green, one of the perks is year-round access to our fully equipped fitness centers. 
  3. People look up to you. Literally and figuratively! From your perch on the lifeguard chair, you get a great view of the pool, and everyone is grateful that you’re there to keep them safe.
  4. You learn lifesaving skills. How many of your friends know CPR and AED, and are responsible for the lives of hundreds of people every day?
  5. You get valuable experience. Build your resume with a job that builds leadership, communication skills, and people management.    
  6. Flexible hours. Our part-time lifeguard position is the perfect way to get income, do meaningful work, and still have time to attend school or enjoy your social life. 
  7. It’s rewarding. It’s your job to keep everyone in the pool safe. It’s a huge responsibility, but helping others is a great feeling.


What are you waiting for? Join Asphalt Green as a lifeguard today! Register here

Not certified yet? Email to ask about available certification courses at low or no cost.