Summer and swimming are the perfect pair. The sun is out, beaches are calling, and the pool is the ideal spot to cool off. Whether you are new to the activity or an experienced athlete, summer is also an excellent time for kids to boost their swim skills. With vacation in full swing, we can’t think of a reason not to make a splash every day. 


Asphalt Green’s swim expert Kjersti Jorgenson shares why kids should take advantage of swimming in the summer months.


1. Summertime is pool party time. June, July, and August heat up quickly, and kids will find themselves with many opportunities to have fun in the water. Every child wants to be able to swim independently at these events—and it helps parents rest easy too! It’s not too late to learn this season. There are many accelerated programs in the city for kids to learn basic skills.


2. There is extra time to focus on tricky skills. For advanced swimmers, summer is a great opportunity to fill schedules with additional pool sessions that are not available during the school year. Practice is crucial to progressing in the sport, and athletes can focus on honing new skills or improving ones that gave them difficulty during the previous season. Come fall, those who spent time in the water during the summer will have a leg up on their competition.


3. It keeps kids active. With less structure, it can be tempting for kids to spend a lot of hours in front of the TV. Encouraging children to swim helps develop a healthy lifestyle at an early age. Once children learn the trade, they can jump in a pool at any time and benefit from a low-impact, high-intensity workout. It truly is a sport you can do for life.  


4. Swimming improves social skills. The communal nature of swimming on a team adds social structure to the long summer months! Classes and camps provide opportunities to meet new people and make friends while mastering new skills. Every interaction children have with their peers helps them improve language and social skills and cope with different emotions.


Ready to dive in? Check out Asphalt Green’s most popular summer swim programs at our Upper East Side and Battery Park City campuses.