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Safety is our first priority. Under guidance from State and City officials, many of our amenities are currently on hold to reduce the risk of COVID-19. View facility updates here.


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Get the best of both worlds with Asphalt Green’s Gold Membership. Our Gold Membership option provides access to the only 50-meter, Olympic-size pool in Manhattan and our duplex fitness center.

Gold Membership benefits include:

  • Lap swim in our 50-meter Olympic-size pool
  • Access to the fitness center
  • Unlimited group exercise classes
  • Complimentary personal training session
  • Preferred rates and priority registration on our sports and fitness programs including the best swim classes in New York City 
  • Members-only locker rooms
  • Asphalt Green Masters Swim Team membership add-ons available
  • Water polo team add-on available 
  • Passport add-on available, which gives you access to both our Upper East Side and Battery Park City campuses



  • $155/month plus one-time $199 initiation fee. Call to join.
  • Passport add-on: $175/month plus one-time $199 initiation fee. Call to join.


Membership department hours: Monday – Sunday 9am – 5pm

Fitness center and pool hours: Monday – Friday 6am – 10pm, Saturday – 6am – 8pm, Sunday – 6:30am – 8pm

*Offer valid for new members only through May 31, 2021.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Membership Department: