You’ve mastered all of the bodyweight exercises in the book, what’s next? If your fitness routine is starting to feel easy, it’s time to level up. Small tweaks to simple bodyweight exercises will crank up the cardio, challenge your muscles, build strength, and improve results. Here’s how you can increase the difficulty of 11 popular bodyweight exercises.  



Level up: Straighten your legs and add flutter kicks while you crunch. Alternate pedaling your legs forward and backward throughout the movement.   



Level up: Add some cardio to this classic exercise by turning a plank into a plank jack. While in plank position hop your feet out and in as if you are doing a jumping jack.  


Side Planks  

Level up: Raise your top leg while you perform the exercise. For an even bigger challenge, dip your hips or crunch your top leg to your elbow.  


Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift 

Level up: Complete the move on an unstable surface like a pillow.   


Wall Sit 

Level up: While in your wall sit, hold your arms overhead. Remember to keep your back and arms flat against the wall. 



Level up: Raise your heels or add a jump at the top of the movement.  



Level up: Make it a clap pushup. Press yourself up quickly enough that your hands leave the floor. 


Triceps Dips 

Level up: Elevate one foot at a time while you perform the dip. NOTE: if you feel any discomfort in the shoulder or have a history of shoulder pain this might not be the best exercise for you.   

Leg Lifts  

Level up: Do not let your feet touch the ground in between repetitions. Add even extra burn by crisscrossing or fluttering your legs throughout the movement.  



Level up: Drive your knee up or add a jump at the top of the movement.  



Level up: Put in extra work in your glutes by reaching for the ground with your opposite hand during each repetition.